Friday, January 4, 2008

Babel and Oryx and Crake

The movie Babel and the book Oryx and Crake for me were somewhat spoiled by:
1. In the movie, the title was Babel. I think I get that the whole movie was about communication between peoples in different worlds/settings but calling it Babel is sort of like shouting what it's about. It's the sort of thing I probably would have enjoyed talking about back in my college days in some coffee shop somewhere (if it were more obtusely titled) and then saying Aha! It's about communication.
2. The book back jacket said Snowman here is humanity. Okay. Again, this is something that I would probably have liked to reflect and reach the conclusion on my own.

Perhaps its a reflection of the current culture of instant gratification. We really don't have time to think or reflect any more.

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