Monday, December 29, 2008

Inefficient holiday season

It always seems like the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are too close together which seems rather inefficient. We ramp down for Thanksgiving, then ramp back up when we get back to school/work and then not too soon after we have to ramp down again and I suspect the ramping back up after Thanskgiving is rather hard because of Christmas/New Year plans/details to be looked after. It seems that it would be more efficient to move Thanksgiving to the beginning of November or the end of October.

We spend the season visiting during Thanksgiving and Christmas by ourselves. Mid-December we usually go to the Revels which is always a lot of fun. This year we also went to Washington Ballet's Nutcracker which was rather expensive and not something we would do annually. Sometimes between Christmas and New Year we would also visit with relatives but we won't do it this year.

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