Thursday, July 16, 2009

Airports & Incheon

Our recent trip took us to BKK via Incheon airport in Korea. Was struck by the awesome landscape along the coast as we were coming in for a landing.

As with many new airports these days (including BKK), Incheon airport is a lot like a mall in the inside. We never ventured out but it also struck me that airport designs are very predictable in that the arrivals are in the lower level and the departures are in the upper level. Aside from the architecture airports are still what they are: Places to spin our wheels while waiting for our flights. There does not seem to have been any real innovation in design of airports.

The Rest and Relax area in Incheon was really nice. This was where the transit hotel was also located. Future airports need to think more in terms of the traveller - which means less shopping and more rest and relaxation. What about possibly a swimming pool or gym? Perhaps even a laundromat? K1 threw up on the flight and we couldn't even find affordable replacement clothes for her. Nothing against the restaurants as they are currently adequate - not quite expecting much anyway but buffets may also be nicer than a la carte.

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