Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Been busy painting a garage converted into a mudroom/storage room.
Hate most:
1. Cleaning up especially since I'm a slow painter and am doing one or two walls a day.
2. Taping. If there's a better idea I'm all for it. Was also a little disappointed that when I peeled off the tape, some fresh paint came off with it. Either it wasn't completely dry when I put the tape on or it was the tape.

I would hire someone except that I would expect a perfect job. I don't expect perfection from myself of course - so is this a fair performance measure? I noticed that the drywall wasn't completely smoothed out especially near the corners and the parts near the registers and electric outlets. I expected perfection - so as far as painting is concerned - even if it is not perfect, at least they're my imperfections. As for the drywall and the paint job - in time, I'm not even going to notice the annoyances that I had when I was scrutinizing everything.

Now, I've been moving stuff into the room - mainly to de-clutter the rest of the house. And its gotten spring cleaning into my system so I may have to take another hiatus from blogging.

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