Friday, May 14, 2010

Can technology help us adapt

To sex offenders living among us that is. Consider a bracelet or implant that will allow us to constantly track their whereabouts. Consider also a web site or iPhone app that will tell us their location at all times. Would this make us feel better about having sex offenders in our neighborhood?

Alas, most likely not. Personally, despite close monitoring my comfort level would be very low with kids in our household. If it were a neigborhood without kids then perhaps, yes.

... a better solution would be to establish housing in industrial areas—for instance, Young suggested that a major orange-juice company could hire sex offenders to pick its oranges on the condition that they live in corporate housing.

“A good law would be figuring out where they could live,” rather than where they can’t, said Rodstrom. “But no politician would ever do that, because that’s the death of your career.”

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