Sunday, December 19, 2010

First snow and why I hate the Prius

Washington DC saw its first snow this winter last week on Thursday Dec 16th. As expected the Prius handled it badly. I first noticed the prblem the week after I bought the car last year when I was going over bumps and usually manhole covers. Now I find that it is not as isolated as I thought:

From a discussion:
It's a known condition that if you go over a bump violent enough to take a wheel off the road, it will trigger the traction control. That will delay application of the brakes. Several owners have reported this. It can happen on bumps you wouldn't think were that bad.

And whole pages devoted to this traction control problem.

Bottom line: I'll never buy a Toyota, much less a Prius. This fact that Toyota refuses to correct this problem is perhaps indicative that is become too American? My next car might be a Ford, which is an American company that has become more international.

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