Thursday, May 26, 2011


It is strange how the mind ascribes more relevance to certain events than it perhaps should. A few weeks ago, we narrowly avoided a crash on the way to school. A car travelling at perhaps 30 or 40 miles an hour ran through a red light and out of the corner of my eye I saw it and stopped just in time (as did the car in the lane next to me) only to see it T-bone into a car two lanes away. We were on our way to school and it was relatively early in the morning and K1 and K2 seemed to be unaffected by it. (They talked about it for about 5 minutes and K2 laughed because the sudden stop sent her breakfast to the floor of the car.)

Amazingly, this happened again yesterday at a different intersection. Only K2 was with me on the way home from school and all she said was 'Woah!' A Honda CRV blew threw a red light at perhaps 35-40 mph and hit a Prius that was in front of us. The driver of the Prius saw the CRV and tried to stop but not before he was hit on the front end. The force of the collision knocked his front bumper off and spun the CRV around. This happened right in front of a DCPD police cruiser which was stopped at the light. In both cases, neither driver attempted to stop or slow down - it looked as though they weren’t even aware that the light was red or that there was an intersection.

These events made me wonder if I should take this as a sign that it is time to move on - that these close shaves were too close for comfort. Realistically, this is not an option because of M’s job. But why should I even see these as signs? Is this the age old desire to try to make sense of events around us, to impose order on chaos? The other way to see these events as a sign is that perhaps someone is looking out for us, and that I should just sit back and enjoy the ride.

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