Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Anti immigration and diversity

From WaPo:

A few days before he quit, Kerlina received his annual evaluation from Instructional Superintendent Amanda Alexander. It was a positive appraisal, school officials confirmed, and Henderson sent Kerlina a letter of reappointment. But Alexander raised a concern, he said: Why were there not more white families at Hearst?

… Finally, he wrote, there were families with racial prejudices. He said this conclusion came from a series of conversations he had with prospective neighborhood parents “that delicately asked about the number of out-of-boundary families and made reference to the ‘diversity’ of Hearst.”

Is diversity now a codeword implying racism?

And does anti-immigration imply racism? What kinds of receptions did the waves of Italian and Irish immigrants receive? If not racism then perhaps ethnicism?

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