Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Parties and Keynesian economics

From an episode of Bones:

Dr. Saroyan: I would really love to be able to give you all the equipment you desire. But the Jeffersonian’s suffering from cutbacks, just like every other government agency. They’ve even cancelled the Founder’s Day party.
Dr Hodgins: What?! There’s always the Founder’s Day party.
Dr. Saroyan: Not this year.
Dr Hodgins: Who do these bozos think they are? Don’t they realize by, like, spending on a party, we’re actually fueling the economy? You know, creating demand for, like, booze and food, and a DJ. I mean, come on! This is simple Keynesian economics.
Dr. Saroyan: Sorry, no party.
Dr Hodgins: God… Don’t you just hate the neoclassicists? Come on! What’s this country coming to? Seriously.

Clip here.

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