Monday, July 2, 2012

What rhymes with derecho

James Fallows reports on the awful state of US infrastructure based on the state of DC after the derecho. I’ve complained about Pepco enough that I won’t be doing it here. Instead, the fair citizens of Columbus, Ohio who suffered just as badly from the same storm seem to have the same comments about their power company (Scroll to comments.)

For example:
Another year, another storm, another week without power. AEP continues to shower their executives with millions while shirking their responsibility to improve their rickety system and make it better able to withstand a windstorm. Just as they did after the hurricane (and the ice storm, and the other windstorm), I bet they will ask for (another) rate increase to pay for flying in crews to fix a system that will fail the next time the wind blows. What needs to happen is for PUCO and regulators to say NO, and have AEP not turn a profit this year or next. They shouldn't be rewarded with massive profits when they continually fail to make the necessary investments to minimize the effects of the next storm.
- David Olive -

If it’s not just DC and it’s not just Pepco - then perhaps it’s the free market or global warming?

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