Saturday, October 27, 2012

The state of apple

Finally broke down and got an Apple computer. In order to receive updates I had to create an Apple ID. Okay. But … in order to do this I had to give them a credit card number???

Okay … I guess this is what Apple has come to - besides being a pussy and and a wussy it is trying to extract as much money as it can by coming out with incremental improvements in products that are about as imaginative as innovations in shaving blades.

I remember when it used to be single blades, and then double, and then wow! triple! and then … and so forth.

The iPad and iPhone was an innovative interface just as the shaving blade was an innovation at the time. The incremental improvements that have come from Apple is just as predictable - bigger brighter screen, smaller version - what next? A set of wet wipes attached?

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