Thursday, November 1, 2007

I just killed more trees

We had some miles expiring on Delta and we were told we could convert it to magazine subscriptions which we did. I felt a little guilty about all the paper that would be generated. I am one of those who does believe that a little can go a long way and this probably would have gone a long way in saving some trees. In any case, the self interest side won -- why would I want to give up all those miles for nothing? It actually would have been easier if the airline had said the miles are expiring -- period.

Then I thought, what if everyone started cancelling all their subscriptions and the publishing companies started to go bankrupt. What if we all stopped reading books and newspapers? Would I then be responsible for dstroying jobs and livelihoods? (This already seems to be happening to newspapers as everyone has gone online although more because its free I think, than to save some trees. Saving trees seems to be a good (?) side effect.) Should the government intervene and make unemployment benefits more generous?

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