Friday, August 1, 2008

Why it's so hard to read Bhagwati

Or, is Jagdish Bhagwati the next Faulkner of economics? I've been struggling with his book "In Defense of Globalization" and unfortunately, I find his speech just as tedious (note, this isn't exactly the adjective I'm looking for) but perhaps after reading this one will get the idea:
"But outsourcing happened to revive again, a couple of years ago, when the distinguished macroeconomist Alan Blinder, with us today, who was deeply influenced by Thomas Friedman’s bestselling book on globalization --- which seemed to translate the credible statement by Bangalore’s remarkable IT entrepreneurs-cum-scientists such as Nandan Nilekani that they could do everything that Americans could do into the frightening non sequitur that therefore Indians would do everything that the Americans were doing --- published an essay in Foreign Affairs (April 2006) that bought into the line that outsourcing of services on the wire would increasingly export American jobs to these countries and imperil the US and its working and middle classes."

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