Sunday, January 17, 2010

Average monthly condo fees in the U.S.

Data source:
Steven Ruggles, Matthew Sobek, Trent Alexander, Catherine A. Fitch, Ronald Goeken, Patricia Kelly Hall, Miriam King, and Chad Ronnander. Integrated Public Use Microdata Series: Version 4.0 [Machine-readable database]. Minneapolis, MN: Minnesota Population Center [producer and distributor], 2008.

We've been looking at condos around the DC area and it got me wondering as to what the average condo fees were like around the country. The above is a chart of the average condo fees tabulated from IPUMS. Because of topcoding the average is below the true average. The mean and max are labeled at the end of the bars. Unfortunately, I'm unable to improve on the resolution of the jpeg.

The SAS code for this is:

proc means data = cf.hh2008 N mean std min max;
where year = 2008 and condofee > 0;
class stateicp;
var condofee;
weight hhwt;
output out = summ mean = meancondofee min = mincondofee max=maxcondofee;

data summ2;
set summ;
proc sort; by descending meancondofee;

data annosum;
set summ2;
midpoint = stateicp;
x = round(meancondofee,1);
lbl = compress(put(meancondofee, 8.)"/"put(maxcondofee, 8.));

filename grafout 'chart1.jpeg';
goptions device = jpeg targetdevice = jpeg ftext="Verdana" gsfname = grafout xmax=8 in ymax=6 in xpixels=4000 ypixels=3000 vpos=40 hpos=40 lfactor=1 ;
axis1 label = none;
title1 h=1 'Average monthly condominium fees in 2008: U.S. States';

proc gchart data=summ2;
where _type_ ^=0;
hbar stateicp / sumvar=meancondofee maxis=axis1 discrete descending nostat anno=annosum(where=(_type_^=0));

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