Thursday, April 8, 2010

Does private property mean anything these days

Our yard was in various stages of "work-in-progress" over the past years. The deck needed repainting so a lot of the cross-hatching that covered the underneath was removed. I was also regrading parts of the yard using dirt from under the deck.

Our neighbor complained that it was unsightly to see all the stuff we stored under the deck and would we please cover it back up again?

Hmmm.... Would they object to the following?

1. We're thinking of ripping some back seats off some junked cars and using them as patio furniture.

2. The Garden Gnome Liberationists are planning to use our yard as temporary storage.

3. The passenger rail car we ordered will be arriving next week and we're planning to use it as storage.

I'm waiting for them to complain about our compost bin. Perhaps its time to build a high fence.

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