Thursday, June 17, 2010

Piano recital

A couple of weeks ago I watched K1 and K2 in their piano recital. It all went well. I think they were relieved it was over - as was I because now it meant that we didn't have to nag them to practice their piano.

I also saw a lot of kids who no doubt had been directed to other activities by their parents: Art lessons, additional language (Russian/Polish/Hebrew) - mainly due to their ethnic/national origins, gymnastics, swimming, ballet, ice-skating, etc.

I wondered what the kids would think 10 or 15 years from now about being sheperded into all these activities. Do they feel like they're being groomed for something? Will all these lessons increase their awareness of our (high) expectations for them?

I am interested in what the answer to the following will be: The Happiness Project: Did Your Parents Make You Take Piano Lessons? If So, Have They Made You Happier?

I did not have piano lessons so I cannot know if it would have made me happier. This calls for a randomized trial!

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