Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Malaysian Connection

I had known about the letter from Malaysia in the anthrax case, recounted very well here and about Stephen Hatfill. What I hadn't known was this titbit:

His girlfriend was Malaysian-born—and a hoax package had been sent from Malaysia to a Microsoft office in Nevada.

The article does not explain how the subsequent suspect Bruce Edward Ivins managed to mail a package from Malaysia though I suspect these kinds of things are easily done.

The article was enjoyable though it was hard not to see why the FBI considered Hatfill a suspect (unless he was being set-up - I may be watching too much TV). In the end, this is a tale of how we can all buckle when the weight of one organization (not just the government) comes down on us.

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Anonymous said...

The Atlantic article is a white-wash of Hatfill. For the real low-down on the low-life, read Simon Cooper's expose of his life of lies, boasting, cheating, forgeries and deceit at