Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Data deluge or why data is not information

This series looks like it could shape up to be another Pulitzer for WaPo.

Some random thoughts:
1. Workers with marginal productivity of zero.
2. Why has there not been a greater fiscal stimulus?
3. This gallery shows that the government has almost everything 24 and NCIS has, yet the data deluge is tremendous.
4. The paradox of more data is that there is less information which is why I'm not so worried about privacy when it is in the hands of the government. In private hands with private incentives and goals on the other hand .... So, its the private contractors, analysts, and anyone with a private agenda.
5. #4 cries out for a super-super computer that will tell us all it knows (and run the world).
6. In all software or data projects decreasing returns to scale is the norm.

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