Friday, September 10, 2010

Wireless access frustration

Why is it that when I try to log onto an unsecured wireless network, all the internet adapter does is cycle through the channels without connecting to the Internet? Having Googled this problem it is clear that I am not the only one with the problem (and none of the proposed solutions that I could affect worked). The network shows up as an available network. The adapter is a Netgear external card. When I try it with the internal Broadcom adapter, the network doesn't even show up. What is even more interesting is that M's laptop running Windows Vista has no problem connecting to the network. (I'm running XP and we're connecting to the hotel's wireless network.) Tried updating the firmware and drivers but that didn't produce the desired effect.

This happened to me in Bangkok and I ended up buying another network adapter which worked fine.

Update: When I got back to the US I tried the Netgear adapter and it worked fine as well so I have no idea what the problem could have been.

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