Sunday, November 27, 2011

Are college classes a normal good

I remember the days when I was in college when a professor (usually of economics) would remark that classes is a good that students enjoy most when there’s less of it (or something in a similar vein). Would they enjoy it more if they were go get none of it? From the WaPo:

George Washington University students who received “A” grades in two courses that were never taught will be refunded their money and allowed to keep their class credits, according to a university statement released Wednesday afternoon.

In October, the GWU School of Medicine and Health Sciences Office of the Provost received three letters from students who said they were enrolled in physician assistant classes in 2010 but never received instruction. The students still received “A” grades from Venetia Orcutt, department chair of the physician assistant program, according to the statement.

Orcutt had been assigned to teach a sequence of evidence-based medicine courses over three semesters in 2010 — one in-person class and two online ones. Each course was worth one credit. Orcutt taught the in-person course, but not the two online ones.

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