Monday, November 28, 2011

Technology stagnation or not

1. Broke down and bought a 10-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab. Compared to the Coby Kyros that I used to have which had a resistive screen I thought that the experience was much better. But wait a minute - the Kyros had HDMI output and microSD slot - both of which are not available on the higher price tablet?

Was never impressed with Android as an operating system and this current experience hasn't changed my opinion. There is too much sand boxing of apps and relying on the app to find a folder. Copying files from a flash drive is tedious. I never know where to put the books or music.

2. Converted an old desktop running Pentium 4 into a Linux. Compared to my previous experience loading Linux about 10 years ago this was an incredible experience. Gone are the days where I had to type in the screen resolution and type of graphics card. Phew!

3. Computer with TV tuner. Set up next to TV. Both receive over the air signal via rabbit ears antenna. TV receives more channels than computer. Swapped antenna. Same thing. What's the deal?

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