Wednesday, October 23, 2013


From the NYT opinion page on the failure of the Obamacare website on October 22, 2013 - the title of the piece was:

How to Fix the Glitches

The launch was reported on October 12 as follows (emphasis mine):

From the Start, Signs of Trouble at Health Portal


Even some supporters of the Affordable Care Act worry that the flaws in the system, if not quickly fixed, could threaten the fiscal health of the insurance initiative, which depends on throngs of customers to spread the risk and keep prices low. 

“These are not glitches,” said an insurance executive who has participated in many conference calls on the federal exchange. Like many people interviewed for this article, the executive spoke on the condition of anonymity, saying he did not wish to alienate the federal officials with whom he works. “The extent of the problems is pretty enormous. At the end of our calls, people say, ‘It’s awful, just awful.' ”


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