Thursday, October 3, 2013

Here's a new one

The title of the article from The Guardian was:

How the last US government shutdown almost cost Clinton the presidency

During the 1995 shutdown, unpaid interns had taken on tasks normally performed by staff who'd had to be sent home. One of those interns brought the president pizza and the two got chatting. Her name? Monica Lewinsky.

Or in statistical terms: How the government shutdown caused Clinton to have an affair with Monica Lewinsky.At least this article was more tongue-in-cheek:

Government shutdown winters tend to be cold and snowy in D.C.

Let’s at least momentarily assume that hot air is cast away from the city in a shutdown, causing a ripple effect that ultimately impacts winter.

Example? The last time the federal government shut down in 1995-96, 46 inches of snow paralyzed D.C.! It was one of the snowiest winters on record.


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