Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bad news from the world today

Bullets cut short Bhutto's epic life: I had always regarded her as a strong headed but corrupt politician but her recent desire to return to Pakistan to lead the country made me revise my priors. If she were corrupt and had enriched herself why would she risk her life to return to the country? Then again, there's Nawaz Sharif, so I'm probably wrong yet again. Regardless, this is not good for the country or the region.

A note to self: There was some discussion in Steve Coll's book Ghost Wars on the role Bhutto played in trying to decrease the influence of the Pakistani intelligence service in politics as well as some details on how she managed to walk the tightrope between trying to appease the military and at the same time keep them from influencing the politics. It might be time for me to reread those sections.

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