Monday, December 10, 2007

Emergency Preparedness

Oh, how I identified with this! On p. 228 of Judith Warner's Perfect Madness:

When emergency perparedness plans were made here in Washington, and we had to fill in contact sheets listing who would be authorized to take our children home from school in case of a terrorist attack, most parents put down relatives who lived miles away, across potentially impassable bridges, rather than organize with other neighborhood families. Caring for outher people's children at a time of real emergency, everyone understood, was just too much of an "imposition."

And we still don't do too well on trying to get lists of emergency contacts down although we know that in reality with myself at home, there will not be a need for it. I think it's a reflection just as she says in the book that it's parenting only for ourselves instead of trying to build a community or network that we and our children can rely on. A lot of this is also due to personality as well. In general, I'd say we're more reserved and less likely to want to impose on others.

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