Sunday, December 9, 2007

Guilty parents

On p. 98 of Judith Warner's Perfect Madness:
... by the turn of the millenium -- at a time when not providing transportation to and from high school extracurricular activities could be construed as a form of abuse (and invoked as a significant factor at the trial of a daughter who arranged to have her father killed) -- the it of abuse or neglect could be, on some weird, personal, psychological level, not getting your child into private school; not scheduling your child for enough play dates; or not managing to hunt down each and every piece of the requested Hello Kitty party set.

Only a short list? What about not being able to go on all those field trips, performances, art shows, etc. I thought these kids went to school to learn something -- how can they learn anything if they're spending all their time doing all these other stuff.

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