Monday, June 9, 2008

Unexpected reference to Penang

First of all, almost every case officer has two jobs. There's his daytime job, his cover job, what he does between eight and five. More than likely it'll be a boring, routine, meaningless job. You might very well be sent overseas as a shipping clerk for an import-export company, let's say in Penang, Malaysia. You'll have some dreary office in the port. All day long you'll fill in import applications. Occasionally, you call the home office, let's say in Passaic, New Jersey. The person who answers the phone will have only the vaguest idea where Penang is, or even care. Everyone will take you for a ne'er-do-well. You can never tell anyone what you really do for a living. It's a thankless, anonymous job.

From, "See No Evil" by Robert Baer (pp. 18-19)

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