Friday, June 6, 2008

Next Day Blinds

Not quite -- let's call them the Next Week and Half Blinds -- to measure and install. This happened very efficiently for our honeycombed blinds but the installer forgot to check how well they were hung because as soon as we pulled them down we noticed that they were all crooked, like when one side of the cords is not balanced with the other side. At the three to four times the price of Home Depot blinds, I would have expected them to work better.

When NDB called to rate the blinds I told the representative I was not satisfied with them because of the above problem. She suggested that I call customer service which I eventually did -- but the point here is that no company really knows service anymore. Not Verizon, nor Comcast and now, not even NDB. As far as I'm concerned, after having heard my complaint, NDB should have had a rep call me to arrange to have the blinds fixed.


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