Friday, June 6, 2008

Is Comcast any better?

In this post I had complained about the bad service from Verizon in restoring our phone and hence DSL service. I received a comment from a Comcast representative to call Comcast. In the post I had mentioned that we had tried to get cable service about a year ago but when the Comcast technician came out he discovered that we did not have a cable tap. I did NOT mention that he had said not to worry and that Comcast would get in touch and discuss about installing one in a few days. Of course they did not call and certainly I did not expect them to. Service from telcos is so terrible these days that I expect nothing from them and presto, I got nothing in return.

So should I call Comcast now? Not any time soon. As far as I'm concerned I in their records as having no cable tap so they should just be able to look me up and come out and get the job done without me having to tell them to. If they can do that then that's service and they've won themselves a new customer. It's obvious to me that they have no clue that we don't have a cable tap because we get numerous mailers from them to call and get cable service.


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