Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Let it snow

First there was Snowpocalypse then there was Snowmageddon which we are still recovering from and next up is Snoverkill. This time I did not shovel the sidewalk until well past the snow storm except now the next snow will undo all of that work.

The one thing that I dislike most about the snow is the fact that I spend way too much time shoveling and not enough time just enjoying it. I imagine myself curled up with a hot cup of tea reading. Maybe now that I'm nursing a cold I can do that.

We also got some mini snow last weekend which closed school on Monday (which seemed highly unnecessary because the roads were cleared by then) and before Snowmageddon the school had planned to dismiss early on Friday which I thought was a good plan. Unfortunately, it employed a trigger strategy of following Arlington County schools which decided on a highly unnecessary pre-emptive closure. From the looks of it the kids are going to be out of school all week this week so there were some lost school time that could have been avoided.

I'd have to think that school authorities are being risk averse since the 24-hour forecast has been very accurate this winter in terms of getting a good timeline down.

On another note, all the snow-packed roads reminded me of New England and Rochester where driving on this less than ideal condition was the norm for the winter. I'm not looking forward to the melt either.

Yesterday we watched as two bulldozers danced and pirouetted their way down our street systematically picking up snow and dumping them on our lawns.

Now another storm and more shoveling to look forward to. Yay!

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