Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Prius recall

Via Yahoo (AP) Toyota has announced a Prius recall (so far the 2010 models only). Our experiences with it so far has been noted here and here. I was not too impressed with its in-town mileage and have experienced the so-called sudden acceleration on our 2007 model. It's not so much an acceleration but whenever I go over potholes (and not always) I feel a sudden flutter or a jerk forward and notice that the ABS light goes on. It's happened while accelerating or decelerating and even while trying to park. It even happened on a test drive which the salesman waved off as my driving "style".

My feeling is that this more than just an accelerator problem but a real design problem. It is also possible that it is my driving style. I have been more used to a stick and have noted that the gas pedal on automatic cars in general seem not to be as responsive. In any case, our next car will not be a Toyota nor will it be a hybrid. I have a feeling that this problem is pervasive across all hybrids as well and not just Toyota.

Update: MR reminds me of the sudden acceleration incidents with Audi which resulted in a finding of driver error. My recollection of those incidents was that NHTSA was not as vocal in their criticism of Audi as they are currently with Toyota. Perhaps this is just a sign of the current administration's stance on regulation per se and not of Toyota specifically but it's hard to tell.

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