Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More snow!

Near whiteout conditions today and it's been nice to be able to just watch it snow. The news about collapsed roofs and power outages has only made me anxious and it would have been better not knowing and just enjoy.

CWG reports that we are close to breaking the all-time record for snowiest winter (and this is even before the March storms that we sometimes get). The last snowiest winter was 2002-2003 and I remember thinking that I should have gotten a snow blower. But I'm just not into tending mechanical things which in a way is a pity. I really should know more of these things. But I have not found myself wishing for a snow blower this season. Perhaps its because it's okay now to relax and take it easy and not have to hurry and hustle to shovel so that I can get to work by 9 am.

Justine Picardie had some lovely photos of snow in Scotland when Europe was getting walloped back during the New Year.

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