Saturday, February 5, 2011

SAS Graphics

Doing graphs in SAS is a pain – mainly because of the fact that options for high resolution graphics are device specific. JPEG is what I usually work with for inclusion into LaTex documents but they never come out as crisp as I like them to be. What the SAS folks really need to do is come out with specific recommendations for specific types of output: JPEG, BMP, etc for specific types of purposes, that is if we want to use this type of image for a journal article, what should the options be. What if I want to use them for a web page? What are the options for a 3x5 or a 4x6?

I realize that the combinations can be mind boggling but they really need to lay down some kind of recommendations because I ended up spending two hours trying to get the graphics options just right for a high resolution JPEG for 3x5 in.

This was what I came up with for Windows 7, SAS 9.2 Release 1:

goptions reset=all gsfmode=replace device = jpeg gsfname = grafout htext=0.9 fontres=presentation ftext=Verdana xmax=6in ymax=6in hsize=5in vsize=3.5in xpixels=3600 ypixels=3600;

Unfortunately, even with running PROC FONTREG I keep getting the message that font 'Verdana' cannot be used. Oh well, I'll have to figure it out another day when I have two hours to kill.

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