Monday, December 12, 2011

Comcast/Xfinity and Verizon

The other day a Comcast rep knocked and asked whether we’d be interested. They’re offering some specials which definitely beats the Verizon package we have. Given my past experience with Comcast I asked whether their “new” fiber optic lines would allow them to get a line into our house. Of course, he didn’t know. I really didn’t expect him to since he wasn’t the technician who had to do the job. The last time a tech came up he couldn’t find a cable tap.

It is unfortunate that I have to reconsider my attachment to Verizon. Certainly in the early stages of FIOS we have been extremely satisfied. Of late, we have been losing our Internet connection (though not our phone connection). The support on the phone has been great (with and without accents) and the only horrible thing about calling Verizon is the fact that I have to go through this inane robot who tries to diagnose the connection problem and comes up blank (every time!) and the only solution has been for them to reboot the system.

I once asked why it was such a recurring problem and I didn’t get a very clear answer - something about a maintenance software that runs on the weekends that didn’t finish its job. Well, that ain’t much of a maintenance program is it?

I’m tempted to have both carriers for redundancy - is that even possible? I tried Googling having two ISPs but drew a blank.

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