Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Unity is killing me

Not quite literally, but I am a little disappointed with it. My initial reaction to converting to Ubuntu had been quite positive but that desktop didn’t have the hardware to run Unity. Naturally, I was curious and a couple of days ago spent some time cleaning up a laptop to get it ready for a XP/Linux dual-boot system.

The installation was painless - I wish I had taken the chance to click on advanced configuration when the installation came to the point of partitioning the hard disk - but other than that I walked away with a dual boot laptop. Overall, it was about 2 hours of elapsed time. The first time I tried booting into Windows it ran a disk diagnostic and I got into the system fine although Windows doesn’t ‘see’ the Linux partition (though Linux is able to to do so). The only other thing that I have yet to figure out is when I’m in Windows and it goes into power save mode, reactivating the computer gives me the Ubuntu login screen.

Back to Unity - oh, I want that application menu item back. I liked the way Ubuntu 10.10 organized all the applications into sub-folders e.g. Internet, Office, etc. I don’t want to have to scroll through all the installed applications just to see what I have! For instance, I want to see what Games came installed rather than typing in “solitaire” in the Unity tab. And what is up with locking the Unity dashboard to the left of the screen. There doesn’t seem to be anyway to move it to the bottom of the screen (or the top or the right). Have read that it supports gestures but haven’t tried it out yet.

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