Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Digital woes

Gripe #1:
Marissa Mayer has her work really cut out for her. After so many years with Yahoo! email that I can’t even remember I am thinking of ditching it. A few experiences in the past few months jarred me.
  1. Yahoo used to link with Zumo drive so I stored some documents on it. I did not create a Zumo account however so I was unaware that it was shutting down its service. One day I logged onto my email and poof - no more documents. I feel that it was Yahoo’s responsibility to inform users of this transition.
  2. Yahoo Calendar and Notes are awful. They seem to disappear and crash for hours/days with no apologies or error messages - they’re just inaccessible.

About the only thing Yahoo mail has going for it is its interface which is something Google really needs to learn. Hate the Gmail interface. I realize that they are trying to streamline its look with the other products and I am willing to live with this as part of its ‘growing pains’ - for now.

What I might be intrigued about is a possible Yahoo - Zoho combination. Intriguing only not necessarily a winning combination though.

Gripe #2 and 2a:

Ordered a mobile broadband device from Virgin Mobile but no confirmation e-mail was received.
Bought a payGo phone from ATT website for $19. The claim was that this POC was originally $180. Meanwhile a close cousin retails for $20 which I also bought and activated but no confirmation email from ATT about an activation. These guys need to figure out customer service but then again telcos and customer service is probably oxymoronic.

Gripe #3:
Android really really sucks.
  1. Apps that work on one tablet but not another - possibly some problems with Android versions but this really sucks. Flipboard works on the latest system on Nexus but not on the Galaxy Tab which is just one decimal version behind: 4.1.1 vs 4.0.4. App download says anything above 2.0 should work. What gives?
  2. Downloaded an MP4 to be played later - again works on Nexus with 4.1.1 but not on Galaxy Tab with 4.0.4 with the default video player.
  3. No privacy/multi-user login. Sheesh. I’m hoping that Windows 8 in tablet mode will allow for multi-user login. I can’t believe I’m actually hoping it will crush Android as far as the tablet market is concerned because incompatible apps are driving me nuts!
  4. Greader gives me a full feed on one tablet but only a few in another tablet. It must be in the settings somewhere but I've already spent waaaay too much time trying to fix this. I end up unsubscribing and resubscribing.

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