Thursday, July 31, 2008

Horse camp update

K1 completed her month at horse camp last week. We had been against the idea but it turned out very well for all of us. I learned a lot from her and she learned a lot as well and demonstrated a lot of qualities that I didn't know she had.
1. She learned all about tacking and the parts of the horse/tack and remembered them well.
2. She actually loved the smell of the stables.
3. She didn't mind getting dirty and helping with cleaning the horse. (They didn't muck the stables - I guess a bunch of kids in a stall with pitchforks can be a little hard to manage.)
4. She learned that each horse has its own personality and needs to be managed accordingly.

And I learned how wonderful horses can be. It can be a calming experience just walking along the stalls watching them watching me with their soft eyes.

I thought I'd tag these horsey articles that I had read:
1. Barbaro's Legacy - an amazing article from the Smithsonian Magazine on Barbaro's life ending injuries and the progress that equine medicine has made.
2. Believe in Magic - For a Dollar, Nancy Alberts Bought a Mare. It Had a Colt With a Star on Its Face and Not Much Promise. But Alberts Named Him Magic. See Him Run.

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