Friday, July 4, 2008

Some interesting travel writing

1. Acadia National Park from Smithsonian Magazine. We've been here several times yet there were some interesting titbits in here such as the origin of Asticou Gardens and organic farming at Four Season Farm.
2. From CN Traveler on Maldives. We were there in 2000 at a resort called Kurumba. I did not think it was worth revisiting but this article made me want to go to some of the other atolls. It only hinted at the mosquito problem (and it was incredibly hot) - the resort sprayed every other day during the evening and we were asked not to go outside during that time.
3. Islands on the Seine, again from the same issue of CN Traveler. Was in Paris twice - once was a quick two day trip and another was a more laid back trip in spring 2006. We stayed near the Eiffel Tower and have always wanted to go back and stay at the neighborhoods around Luxembourg Garden/Saint Germain. These islands would be within walking distance.
4. I've been wanting to go to Iceland and this was a nice write up of a trip on the northern side of Iceland. Most poetic thought: "Before long, we reach the height of land and look back to see Myvatn, home to more species of ducks than any other lake in Europe, and to the millions of midges on whom they feed. The heat of the earth's core rises to the surface here and comes up through the soles of our boots: We are standing on nature's original radiant floor."
5. The Northern Canoe Forest Trail as profiled in CN Traveler.

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