Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cavalier as an alternative to Verizon?

Received a flier from Cavalier Telephone advertisng $50 for combined unlimited long distance and internet. It sounded great until I read the comments on Broadband Reports - may give them another year or two to see if their service improves now that they have teamed up with Google. Perhaps Google should just buy them out since after reading the comments I can't really trust their service. This is mainly because we are already had problems with Verizon and I can't imagine the coordination in the switch over can be anything but messed up.

I don't really know what the regulatory issues are with Google being a telco but I had previously suggested that there really isn't enough competition in this industry. The main problem is that either Verizon or ATT owns the lines and this gives them a de facto monopoly. Likewise, with Comcast owning their lines I'm sure I'll get nothing but less than stellar service.

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