Wednesday, January 14, 2009

American Shaolin

Read Matthew Polly's American Shaolin - the time he spent in China learning martial arts at the Shaolin Temple. It was a good read and I liked it better than some of the travel articles that he had written on Slate. It was good to have the chapters organized under his experiences (sometimes compared to his expectations as an American) rather than in chronological order.

It brought back some memories of growing up:
1. Wong Fei Hung shows on TV played by Kwan Tak Hing. See also here. The most recent version was I saw was Jet Li in Once Upon A Time In China.
2. The book also mentions Jet Li's first movie Shaolin Temple and how the movie craze then swept the Wushu world.
3. The One Armed Swordsman played by Ti Lung.
4. The many Police Story movies by Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung

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Matthew Polly said...

And what was so wrong with my travel articles??? Joking. Thanks for the virtual nod and very happy that you enjoyed my book.