Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

Can't helped but be moved by the pictures of the thousands of people turning out for the Inauguration. K1's piano teacher said she never thought she would see the day that an African American would become president. Neither did I. I thought that conservative America would never vote for an African American and that the liberals could talk the talk but when it came down to it they would even choose Hilary Clinton rather than an African American.

The hardest road is still ahead. What legacy would Obama leave if he fails? Would it lead to a backlash against blacks? Or is this really full steam ahead for equal rights?

There is so much hope today and it is such a great contrast to the feelings I had on 9/11.

Update: Elizabeth attended and gave us a view of what she got to see (barely anything!) but I agree that it was more the look on people's faces, the feel of the crowds and the sounds of the cheering and the sense of hope that mattered more. If we were before kids I might have been tempted to shlep down to the Washington Monument myself.

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