Saturday, February 9, 2008

Failure of development in Kenya?

Economists View pointed to this Project Syndicate article titled "Did the World Bank's Development Efforts Fail in Kenya?":

A month ago, Kenya fell prey to a sudden burst of post-electoral violence... The intensity and scale of the violence have stunned the world. ...

[T]hings seemed to be going well recently. This year's campaign was exceptionally peaceful... Perhaps more fundamentally, Kenya was unanimously seen as the "good student" of development, sometimes referred to as a symbol of an African renaissance.

All the rosy comments was news to me which seems to indicate that development agencies and donors might have been fooling themselves. The reason I say this? K1 has a friend in her class whose family left Kenya two years ago. They loved it there but they said it was no longer safe. Based on this comment alone, the violence in Kenya was not unexpected and was in fact foretold.

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