Monday, February 25, 2008

Perspiration versus Inspiration?

Jonathan Coulton went from being just another "code monkey" to the Godfather of "Geek Rock." Here’s how he did it. From Yahoo People.

When he was packing up his office cubicle to begin his new adventure, a colleague suggested that Coulton try to write one song every week for an entire year. ... "There were a lot of times when I would have an idea that I thought was really bad, or stupid, but sometimes that would be the only idea that I would have, and so I didn't have any choice but to do it," Coulton says. "That's definitely how a lot of those songs ended up being about such weird things, or news items."

He became a master of observation of the things that surrounded him. A Shopvac inspired a tune by the same name about a life of suburban angst and regret. When he saw a photo online of a giant squid, he wrote a song called "I Crush Everything," in which a lonely giant squid wants to play with the ships he sees sailing above, but fears he'll destroy them with his innocent but deadly embrace. Coulton also found a rich source of material from his former life. A song titled, "RE: Your Brains," tells the story of an office worker being besieged by a co-worker-turned-zombie, who of course wants to eat his brains. But Coulton is perhaps best known for the tune "Code Monkey," about a software engineer who dreams of a better life. The song has become an anthem for downtrodden office workers and has helped propel his fame.

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