Sunday, February 3, 2008

Some books by Joseph Schumpeter

At the end of Thomas McCraw's highly readable bookbook on Joseph Schumpeter he says:
Three of his books - The Theory of Economic Development, Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy, and History of Economic Analysis are still available in many languages, in inexpensive paperback editions.

A check on the English language versions at
1. Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy (paperback) - $70 ($65.10 discounted).
2. The Theory of Economic Development (paperback) - $24.95 (no discount).
3. History of Economic Analysis (paperback) - $84.94 ($78.00 discounted)

Compare with the 2 volume Business Cycles: Theoretical Historical and Statistical Analysis of the Capitalist Process (hardcover) - $150.00 ($130.00 discounted)

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